About me

I’m a writer of psychological thrillers, two are already published (well – the second is due for release soon) and I’m currently working on my third, with my fourth ringing bells somewhere in the distance. Basically, I love to write. And when I write the world seems to disappear while I loose myself in the depths of my imagination, sometimes for hours, without even realising.

So here’s some information about what I’ve done so far:

Her Greatest Mistake is my debut novel and this reached 16 in the overall UK Kindle chart and achieved a best-seller flag within the specific genres. It also reached the top 10 in both Australia and Canada and again achieved the best-seller flag status. It’s success completely blew me away and as my first published book – I hold it close to my heart. You can read more about Her Greatest Mistake on its home page. Or if you would like to read it please see my – where to buy my books page.

My second psychological novel – Who I Am will be released 6th November and it is with much anticipation I wait to see what happens….

I’ve quite a mixed background. As a child I always thought I would write, I spent many hours reading, writing and completely lost to my imagination and I truly have Enid Blyton to thank for this. Then, well, I’m not really sure what happened but eventually I went on to achieve a business degree, majoring in marketing. It was some time after that I then returned to university (I obviously didn’t do the right course in the first place) and then I achieved a first class honours degree in psychology with post-graduate qualifications. I think it’s fair to say – I took the long route to becoming a writer and some twenty+ years later, I’m here, finally. But, I do believe every path I have taken has gifted me experiences that enrich and inform my writing in the best of ways. But writing feels right, it is when I am at my happiest and even when I’m not writing – I’m always thinking, plotting, watching.

Everyday I think myself lucky to live in a small coastal town of beautiful Cornwall with my husband, three children, german shepherd – Arthur (my writing companion) and cat- Thomas and too many birds to name individually.

I really do love to hear from my readers or my potential readers so please do get in touch…