The Heart of – Who I Am

A little something behind Who I Am and why I wrote it…..

I sometimes look in to her eyes

A borrowed glimpse of a charmed life

As through the windows to my world

There sits – only loneliness and tormented strife.


Still, something even more strange

At least this is how it seems

When others look in to my eyes

They only grasp a life of spirit and dreams.

Who I Am is a psychological thriller involving sensitive issues, such as alcoholism, underscoring it’s far reaching consequences. Reflecting, how done deeds whether pronounced or not, will always stalk the conscience. Greed, resentment, resolve and retribution. The story is told through the eyes of two contrarily strong female protagonists.

Camilla, is nineteen, living amongst the grimiest of streets on an Edinburgh council homed street. Born to alcoholic parents, she dragged herself into the formative teenage years. Camilla hates her life, more than her life hates her, her roots make her curl and cringe, she desperately seeks change. More than change, she desires the high life. There is nothing she is unwilling to manipulate and execute to achieve this.

Andi, is also nineteen and is the daughter of affluence and propriety. On paper, she has it all. Loved dearly by her family. With opportunities and means in abundance, and guidance tumbling out of her pockets. But Andi longs for self-determination, spontaneity, independence and a life void of expectations.

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