6 Days To Go….

A little note from me…

Do we ever truly know who anyone is?

Do you know who you are? Really? Can you without any shadow of doubt say how you would respond, behave in every given circumstance. Backed up a corner? Isolated and vulnerable? Isn’t context and perspective always key?

Who I Am is very much a character driven, fly on the wall account told through the eyes of my two female protagonists. The story unfolds between some well-known stunning coastal locations in Cornwall and also the beautiful, atmospheric city of Edinburgh. This is a story of friendships, suspicion, possessiveness, envy, greed, manipulation, dejection, circumstance and self-fulfilling prophecies. It considers the idea that whilst individual backgrounds can be disparate, emotionally – we often desire the same basic things from life. To be loved for who we are – isn’t this what we all wish for?

But what if we don’t always know who we are? We just think we do.


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